Siblings Split Up As Kids Find Each Other 40 Years Later Living One Mile Apart

Not all children are fortunate enough to grow up experiencing every wonderful thing a child should. Not all homes are happy, and not everything works out.At least, not until you decide to get up and do something to make sure it eventually will.This is a story of siblings who spent their younger years enduring abuse and ending up in separate homes.

Kitt and his half-sister Tasha didn’t have a happy, picture-perfect childhood.They went through abuse, and that prompted them to be fiercely protective of each other and always stay by each other’s side.They moved from one foster home to another until the dreaded day came when they had to separate.

Kitt recalls the traumatic sound of grocery bags rustling as the adults around them packed Tasha’s things and led her out the door so she could be with her adoptive family.

To this day, Kitt still hates that sound. He told KFOR:

“It was haunting, horrific times. I just remember her crying and me crying, and they took her out the door.”

Kitt ended up with a loving adoptive family, as well. Life went on and their last names changed, but they never stopped thinking of each other.

Despite the horrors of his early years, Kitt didn’t let the trauma of it all stop him from pursuing his passion and reaching for the stars.

His love for music led him to become a producer, composer, and songwriter.
Able to play any instrument, he brought orchestral rock music to the center of the industry, which earned him the number one spot on the Billboard charts twice.

He had everything he could possibly want. His career was thriving, and he had his greatest treasure and number one fan by his side through it all – his wife, Melissa.
On the outside, Kitt has it all. But there was still a missing piece that he could never forget.

“Not having your sister, that you’ve looked for for so long, there is a void. There is this loose end in life.”

Kitt didn’t let his unanswered questions stop him from carrying on.
Other than the frequent thoughts about his sister’s whereabouts, his life was pretty great. Little did he know it was about to become even better when he received a Facebook message out of the blue.

The message was from a person claiming to be his sister, and Kitt didn’t immediately fall for it.
Instead of proposing a DNA test to find out whether or not this person was telling the truth, Kitt decided to ask questions that he knew only his real sister would know the answers to.

Those questions, she answered truthfully, confirming that she was indeed his sister.

Tasha shares how she found Kitt through She looked him up on Facebook and the minute she saw his smile in one of his photos, she knew she had found him at last.

“I looked at him and I knew he was my brother.”

When they reconnected, they were surprised to know just how close they were in proximity. It was amazing how all this time, they only lived barely a mile apart from each other.

Kitt told KFOR:

“There’s no way we haven’t been in the same grocery store, the same gas station, the same bar. We’ve been in the same place who knows how many times and had no idea.”

Tasha was over the moon.

“It’s perfect. Life is perfect to me now, and I’m good.”

Now Kitt and Tasha can finally catch up on all those years they missed, and bring their families together.

Kitt and Tasha’s reunion is proof that life will always lead you back to where you belong – with the people who’ll love you your whole life, the ones who never gave up on you.