Harvey Korman can’t stop laughing at Tim Conway’s blonde wig on ‘Carol Burnett’

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ featured Harvey Korman and Tim Conway in a great skit about two police officers who go undercover to catch a mugger. They grab clothes and change into their disguises.

Harvey comes out in a plaid light blue suit jacket with a collared shirt. Then, Tim slowly walks out with an angry expression as the crowd laughs loudly. Tim is wearing a blonde wig with his makeup done and wearing a dress. He walks up to Harvey and says, ‘Hi.’ Tim whips his hair around, and both men break character and laugh. Tim asks if he looks ok multiple times, and Harvey says, ‘You look better than my wife,’ in a sarcastic tone. Tim says, ‘I didn’t know you were married.’

They sit and start to act like they’re on a first date. Tim flips his wig, and Harvey loses it laughing. He can’t stop giggling. Tim starts to move around, and Harvey asks what’s wrong, and Tim says, ‘This girdle is ki l l in g me.’

Harvey says, ‘No one said you had to wear a girdle!’ Tim asks what muggers do. Harvey says, ‘They take the man’s money, and then he focuses his attention to the woman.’

Tim asks, ‘Then what?’ Harvey looks at Tim for a bit, and the crowd laughs as Tim says, ‘Well, you got the easy part. All you gotta do is watch your money.’ People walk by, and Harvey says, ‘Stay close. We gotta make this look real.’

Tim says, ‘I don’t mind. It’s kinda chilly tonight anyways.’ Tim rests his head on Harvey’s shoulder, and the crowd laughs while Harvey starts to break character again. Tim puts his hand on Harvey’s knee, and he laughs hysterically.

A man mugs Harvey then looks at Tim and says, ‘Ok, sweetheart, now for you.’ He strokes Tim’s wig, and Tim looks at him, saying, ‘Please be gentle.’ The mugger realizes they are cops, and he handcuffs them to the bench.