Brad Pitt Doesn’t Build Serious Relationship With Divorced Mom Of Toddler To Save Bond With His 6 Kids, Says Source

Brad Pitt did not expect his divorce from his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, with whom he raised six kids.
After the long, messy battle for the kids, exes Brad and Angelina made peace and finalized their divorce.
Brad met a new woman, a divorced mom with a little kid, and he enjoyed spending time with her as they had a lot in common.

Recently Brad’s ex-wife, Angelina, made new claims, and Brad fears losing the bond with his kids.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the Hollywood “It Couple” for much of the early 2000s. However, their marriage did not stand the test of time, despite raising six children together.

They have been divorced for many years, and in those years, there have been ups and downs in their relationship. They seemed to be co-parenting effectively lately until Brad’s interest in another woman threw them off.

Although they had been together for many years and raised their children together, Brad and Angelina only legally married in 2014. They were happily married for a while.

However, in 2016, just two years after they married, Angelina filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She did not ask to receive spousal or child support. The divorce shocked Brad.

When talking about how he felt regarding his wife and partner of many years asking for a divorce, Brad said:

“I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the wellbeing of our kids. I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time.”

Angelina said that she decided to divorce Brad for her family’s health and that her children were doing well and keeping busy, despite their family life drastically changing.

While Angelina was not expecting spousal or child support from Brad, she also did not expect him to see his children. She filed for sole custody of their six children shortly after she filed for divorce.

It was alleged that this came after Brad was being investigated for child abuse after the pair’s son, Maddox, got in the middle of a physical altercation between his parents during a flight back to the US after the family had been in Europe.

However, a source confirmed that there was no physical altercation between Brad and Angelina and that it was simply a parent-child verbal disagreement. By November 2016, Brad had been cleared of child abuse charges.

Before Brad was cleared of the charges, though, the pair agreed to a temporary custody agreement in September. A judge agreed to the interim arrangement, and Brad agreed to do drug and alcohol testing.

Custody was then awarded to Angelina while Brad continued to see his children during therapeutic visitations that were done under the discretion of the family’s therapist. This peaceful state did not last long, though.

Eventually, Brad requested more time with his children and joint custody. He also asked that the court documents be sealed so his custody battle would be kept out of the public eye.

He wanted to protect his children, but the documents remained open. Reports said that Angelina wished to keep the records open so that she could make Brad look bad, but a source confirmed that wasn’t true.

By January 2017, the pair seemed to have reached an agreement, but the reality was that the custody battle had only just begun, and the pair would have many more hurdles to overcome.

Eventually, the former spouses managed to reach an agreement that would allow them each time to spend with their children. Brad happily spent time with his children and even recently met a new woman. However, Angelina has now retaliated.

Brad and Angelina’s Olive Branch for Their Six Kids
In January 2017, Brad and Angelina released a joint statement that confirmed that they would be keeping their court documents private. They then had a meeting in late 18 to improve their co-parenting relationship.

Angelina reportedly reached out to Brad, asking that he come to her house so they could discuss how they would be moving forward. Brad, who was said to have been committed to making peace, quickly agreed.

The meeting between the pair went well, and they agreed on how they would co-parent in the future. They were then each declared legally single by the courts in April 2019, even though their divorce had not yet been finalized.

Sources close to the couple revealed that their relationship drastically improved after meeting at Angelina’s house, and their custody agreements went off without a hitch. A source said:

“While they don’t agree about everything, they rarely argue now. Brad and Angelina are now at a point where they can discuss their children’s plans calmly.”

Despite being in a better place with one another, Brad and Angelina had no plans to reconcile their romantic relationship. A source confirmed that any communication the couple had was regarding their children and nothing else.

The couple decided they would live close to one another, so that movement between the homes was easy for their children. They also often spent time together in one another’s houses for the sake of their children.

Because the couple had come to such a friendly place in their relationship, the family was once again calm. However, the calm could not last forever, and there has recently been an upheaval in their lives.

Brad Tried to Start a New Life and Met a New Woman
After reaching a good place in his relationship with Angelina, Brad finally began moving on in late September 2022. He met with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, who is also recently divorced.

Ratajkowski was married to Sebastian Bear-McClard, and the couple welcomed a son, Sylvester, in 2021. However, Ratajkowski sparked breakup rumors when she was spotted on a walk with her son without her wedding ring.

The couple had been married for four years when Ratajkowski was seen without her ring on. However, it was not until September that Ratajkowski confirmed their breakup on TikTok as she called herself a “recently single person.”

The reason for their divorce is that Bear-McClard was allegedly unfaithful. A source close to Emily confirmed:

“Yeah, he cheated. He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross.”

The film producer and model were first spotted together in February 2018 and secretly exchanged marital vows in an LA courthouse two weeks later. By October 2020, Ratajkowski revealed she was expecting her first child with McClard.

Following their separation, Ratajkowski bought an apartment for herself that was far enough away from McClard that she wouldn’t have to interact with him but close enough that they could still effectively co-parent their son.

Sources close to Ratajkowski said that she didn’t want to talk to McClard because he had cheated, and he had no interest in speaking to her because he felt she had not been present in their relationship for a year before their breakup.

The couple did not speak to one another directly and instead communicated about their son through his nanny. Ratajkowski has since taken an interest in dating and has been seen out with Brad.

She expressed her interest in dating via a TikTok video in which she reacted to another TikTok user’s video about female sexuality. In the video, she mentioned she was thinking about dating.

In late September 2022, following Ratajkowski’s divorce, she and Brad met up. Brad has not been romantically involved with many women since his split from Angelina, but sources confirmed that he was pursuing things with Ratajkowski.

In September, an insider noted that Brad and Ratajkowski had been hanging out as friends. Their relationship was still in the very early stages; however, they enjoyed one another’s company. The insider said:

“They like each other and are excited to see where things go.”

It was also confirmed that Brad preferred to keep his dating life private and would let his inner circle know when a relationship was serious. Mostly, he would not share his feelings about his relationships with the public.

By October 2022, sources close to the couple revealed that their relationship had progressed, and they had been on a few dates. Yet Brad still considered himself single and exploring his relationship with Ratajkowski.

A source disclosed that Brad had met Ratajkowski through a mutual friend in the art world. Despite being attractive, the source said she was interested in art, like Brad, which brought them closer.

Talking about how their relationship evolved from the first meeting, the source revealed:

“They have a lot to talk about and always have a great time when they hang out. They stay in touch when they don’t see each other.”

Although Ratajkowski was reportedly devastated by her breakup with McClard — a source said it was “unexpected and devastating” — her friends have joked that they don’t feel bad for her now that she is dating Brad.

The same source mentioned that Ratajkowski is “smitten” with Brad and considers him a gentleman. It was also said that she was cute when she spoke to her friends about Brad.

Brad mentioned that he preferred to keep his relationship with Ratajkowski lowkey because they were both in the midst of messy breakups. A source said that Brad had concerns about Angelina, saying:

“He worries that [Angelina] will badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has if he has a serious girlfriend.”

He also confessed that he knew she had a lot of drama surrounding her divorce, and he knows he has enough of his own drama, so for now, their young relationship is “very casual.”

While the couple’s relationship seemed to be progressing well, with each of them being happy in their new path, it did not last long before a spanner was thrown in the works in the form of Angelina.

Angelina Shattered the Olive Branch with New Claims
Brad’s fears about his ex-wife reacting badly to him having a serious relationship were not totally unfounded, as she has recently begun to make allegations against Brad again after finding out about him and Ratajkowski.

Sources close to Brad have said that Angelina is once again claiming that Brad is a child abuser, a claim which has fallen flat more than once. The allegations are negatively affecting Brad’s relationship with his children.

A source said that the repeated allegations from their mother had had a significant impact on the children, who now have a “limited and strained relationship” with their father. Sources believe Angelina has “poisoned” the children against their father.

All the more upsetting, insiders believe, is the fact that despite Angelina’s constant negative words about Brad, which have wounded him, Brad has not once uttered an unkind word about Angelina in public.

Angelina’s claims are once again based on the airplane incident of 2016. She mentioned that he got into a verbal argument with one of their children at the airport, and when she asked him what was wrong, he began verbally attacking her.

She then said that after a while, he pulled her into the bathroom on the plane, at which point the children became frightened and even began crying. However, the claims have been proven to be untrue.

It has been said that each time Angelina recounts the story about the plane incident, the details change slightly, making it less believable. Sources believe that all Angelina wants is revenge against Brad.

An insider said that the only purpose this information served was to hurt Brad’s public image because it was information that had been general knowledge for many years, and nothing had changed during that time.

The former spouses were on sound footing, and the children had a relationship with their father until Angelina began to bring up all of the old court documents again, focusing on Brad’s alleged child abuse.

While Angelina is reportedly focused on ruining Brad’s public image and his relationship with his children, Brad is said to be focused solely on his children and their wellbeing as he strives to be the best dad he can possibly be for them.