Brother Fulfills Sister’s Last Wish by Inviting Her to Prom — Two Days Later, She Dies

Janea experienced heaven on earth with her loving family before becoming an angel. The Aguilera family did not have her for long, yet they created the memories she wanted in a short time. Read the touching story of her prom with her only brother hours before her demise.

At a younger age, siblings rival each other. Whether they’re all girls, boys, or both, younger or older, siblings always fight over things.
But as they grow older, they are often willing to protect each other more intentionally. They become loyal, and the older ones protect the younger ones. This happened with a family based in Denver, Colorado.

The Aguilera family included a son and daughter. Their son, Josh, was a few years older than his sister, Janea. Everything seemed perfectly normal until she turned 12. Then, the young princess was diagnosed with a rare disease.
She lived for two more years until her untimely death in 2014. While this was a devastating blow for the family and the entire neighborhood, Janea died a happy girl, as her wish to go to prom came true.

Janea had always been a bubbly and happy child, which made it easier for neighbors to relate with her. She lived in a small town with her family and had been nicknamed the first-millennium baby born in the southeastern Colorado town known as Lamar.
In 2012, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of cancer. Without warning, the disease raced to attack her vital organs. Before then, one of her legs had been amputated.

People from Lamar empathized with Janea as she lived with cancer and decided to be her beacon of hope. So they laced yellow ribbons around town.
“It made us proud to say, ‘I’m from Lamar,’” Janea’s cousin admitted. The Aguileras appreciated the thoughtfulness; it even brought a smile to the face of the young lady.

After her diagnosis, Janea was scheduled for several doctor visits and remained relatively healthy for two years. Then, sadly, in 2014, she fell sick. This did not feel like the usual illness, nor anything she had ever experienced.

The 8th grader realized she had limited time, so she made a bucket list, and going to prom was number one. Josh saw his sister’s list and asked if she would indeed be his prom date. He said:

“She was just like ‘oh my gosh, are you serious?’ And then she started crying. And of course, it hit me, and I started crying.”

No one would have expected an 8th grader at a prom party, but Josh was ready to fulfill his sister’s wish. After getting the school’s permission and a few preparations by her family, Janea joined her brother for the big night.
The pair arrived in elegant outfits. Josh looked dapper in a black Tuxedo, while his sister appeared stunningly gorgeous in a strapless red dress for a princess.
Other attendees cheered the siblings for their courage, but the most remarkable aspect of Janea’s dream evening was being crowned prom queen! Family and friends were around to celebrate with the hearty young lady who rocked infectious smiles all evening.

Janea had a memorable experience at the prom on a Saturday evening. She ended the day feeling amazing, but little did she know that she had less than two days left with her loved ones.
On a Monday the following week, she died. Janea was only 14 years old at the time, but she showed incredible strength by living positively and never feeling pitiful. Instead, she wanted to enjoy her last days.
The Aguileras hosted a burial ceremony for their precious daughter, and family, friends, and neighbors filled the auditorium to pay their last respects.

Janea’s death did not mean her family would shut out what she lived for. They continued to cherish the precious moments they shared with their daughter.

In 2018, her mother, Melony Schwartz, who was celebrating childhood cancer month, shared an uplifting story about how her daughter’s friends honored her during graduation.
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She shared images on Facebook featuring a group of students dressed in graduation gowns. They had visited Janea’s graveside and posed next to her tombstone. In her words:

“These kids were always spreading awareness for how they honored her!! Throughout their high school years, they have always remembered her and honored her in multiple ways. The best of all was their graduation! Half the class turned up at the cemetery to take a pic with our girl!”

The students put up an empty chair for their absent friend and decorated it with a hardcopy image of the deceased. Then they donned yellow ribbons on their robes.

During her speech, the class valedictorian, one of Janea’s best friends, mentioned her name. Melony’s post consisted of an appreciation note and admission of cancer’s horrific effects. She wrote:

“Thank you all for always helping to honor her and spread awareness!!!…CHILDHOOD CANCER [expletive]!!!”

Despite what appears like a sad ending for Janea, she lived an accomplished life, getting what she wished for. What’s more? Her family, friends, and neighbors remained compassionate until the very end. That is what true love is!