Law student etches tiny notes on pens to cheat on exam

Studying for a criminal procedural law exam would take loads of time and effort.

But so would etching your whole syllabus across the entire circumference of 11 pens.

One student in Spain chose the latter option, when he engraved borderline microscopic letters across a set of blue Bic pens.

But he was busted and the creative crib notes were confiscated.

Malaga University lecturer Yolanda de Lucchi tweeted about the bizarre effort to cheat last Wednesday.

She said: ‘Tidying up my office, I found this university relic that we confiscated from a student a few years ago.

‘Criminal procedural law in bic pens. What art!’

Gonzo, who claims to know the student who did this, said the ‘artist replaces the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle’.

This reportedly makes it ‘super easy for him to write on the pen’.

Yolanda’s post has since been retweeted more than 24,000 times, with almost 300,000 likes.

Several people pointed out the obvious – that if the student was going to go through this much effort, he may as well have just studied.