If You Haven’t Heard This Version Of “The Sound Of Silence” You’re Missing Out

If you haven’t heard of the singing duo Simon and Garfunkel, I have to ask what rock it is that you have climbed out from underneath. After all, they may not be in their prime anymore, but they left their mark in history.

The American duo was one of the most popular groups in the 1960’s and along with several other songs, one of their most well-known and most remade songs is “The Sound of Silence.” While they were the first duo to perform the hit song, they definitely were not the last. One of the groups that took the challenge of filling such big shoes is a duo from the band, Celtic Thunder.

The band that comes from Dublin, Ireland, was started in 2007. It was created to preserve and enrich the Celtic culture and heritage and featured all male singers from Ireland and Scotland. When the band toured in 2014, Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin took on the challenge of singing “The Sound of Silence.”

If you’ve ever heard the original duo sing the song, Keegan and Harkin sounded so much like Simon and Garfunkel that it was almost hard to believe they weren’t the same people.

However, the group was a flop and they actually broke up. Now years later the song has started drawing attention after being aired on radio stations. Many have praised the duo for keeping the original essence and heart of the song.

Check out the cover of the song below and be sure to share it with your family and friends. I honestly don’t know anyone that doesn’t love this song.

Sound of silence original version 1964: