Dad And His Two Sons Chop Enough Wood To Fill 80 Trucks, Bring It To People Who Need Heat In Their Homes

A father and his two sons are being applauded after they did something huge to help people who have no heat this winter.

Shane McDaniel teamed up with his two sons to chop enough wood to fill 80 trucks, and they then personally drove the trucks to hand out the wood to people in need of heat.

“We had our first big freeze now and that’s why this is so important,” Shane wrote on social media. “If you know someone who BURNS WOOD, and they’re looking at a cold house this holiday season; maybe someone elderly or with small children in the house…then please help us help them.

My boys and I have cut and split nearly 40 cords of firewood this summer. It is seasoned and ready to warm homes where it is truly needed. It is more firewood than most people have ever seen, as I’m sure anyone who has driven past my house has noticed.”

“The Norms crew is standing by ready to help stack and deliver. Please remember it’s not for sale at any price. We get lots of offers. Too much blood and sweat to do that,” he continued. “So please….help me and my boys find the right homes that need heat and make sure NO ONE GOES COLD IN OUR HOOD this holiday season.”

Shane and his sons live in Lake Stevens, Washington, and a cord costs about $400 there. Shane had forty of them, and once his story went viral, he said that he plans to cut at least 100 cords next year.

“I had no intention of doing this every year,” he said. “But read through my messages, and you’ll understand.”

God bless this family for selflessly doing something that will make such a big difference in the lives of others!