A Lonely Man Didn’t Want To Spend His 101st Birthday Alone So He Calls 911 To Beg For Help

The police receive all sorts of emergency calls on a daily basis, with a few of those calls being completely life-changing to the ones on the other end of the phone.

A 101-year-old man named Frank Williams was sitting at his dining room table staring at the delicious-looking store-bought cake he had just purchased. It was his birthday, and even though he didn’t have anyone by his side, he was determined to have a cheerful day.

He suddenly found himself overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, though. All of his friends had died over the last several years, and he didn’t want to bother any of his busy neighbors to come over.

Just as he was about to get out some birthday candles, he noticed his phone just sitting there, and he decided to dial 911. The emergency dispatch worker asked him what his emergency was, and Frank divulged his name and that he was turning 101 years old that day.

“I am alone today, and I don’t want to be alone right now, you see. It’s my birthday and I’d like to celebrate it with someone. I realize that it’s not a genuine emergency, but I couldn’t think of anyone else to call,” Frank explained to the dispatcher.

A different voice appeared on the line and told Frank that her name was Officer Woods and she would soon be on her way to see him with a colleague.

As Frank waited to see if any police officers would actually show up at his home on his 101st birthday, he worried about losing time and how he really didn’t want to be alone for what could be his last big birthday.

To find out what happened when two officers rang Frank’s doorbell that day, check out the full video story shared by Wonderbot.

Couple Welcomes Twins, But People Take One Look At Them & Accuse Parents Of Having Affairs

On July 23, 2016, Christin and Russell Lewis were blessed with a pair of beautiful twins, one boy and one girl. But the couple from Newark, New Jersey, were stunned when Nolan and Savannah were born looking nothing like they or their doctors expected.

Christin and Russell are black. Nolan and Savannah have light skin and pale eyes. Nolan’s hair is platinum blond-yellow, while Savannah’s is auburn-red.

That’s because the twins have albinism, which means there is little to no melanin production in the skin, hair, and eyes. It’s a rare condition, but even more rare among twins.

There are many physical side effects as a result of their condition. For example, Nolan and Savannah suffer from rapid eye movement, light sensitivity, and incredibly fragile and sensitive skin.

They also have extremely brittle hair.

Perhaps even more challenging are the emotional ramifications. The Lewis family can’t go anywhere in public without questions and comments from strangers. Christin claims to have been accused of having an affair by outsiders who judge far too quickly. “People think that I cheated on my husband to have white babies,” Christin told SWNS.

“I want to make a public service announcement: We are faithful, we did not cheat on each other, and we did not use surrogates,” she said. “I carried these babies for nine months.”