Loretta Lynn’s Great-Grandson, 6, Called ‘Next King of Country Music’ after His Singing

Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter shares her family life after the singer’s death.
The great-grandson of Loretta Lynn could have a great future: a “famous singer like Tim McGraw”!
When Loretta Lynn passed away earlier this year, people worldwide felt the loss. However, nobody was more troubled than her family, for whom she was the matriarch. She had a large family filled with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren.

Now, one of her granddaughters has offered fans a glimpse into the family’s world after losing Lynn. She has even revealed that Lynn’s great-grandson is following in her musical footsteps and could be pretty successful.

On October 4, 2022, Lynn’s family announced that the country singer had passed away at age 90. They shared that she passed away in her sleep at her home in Hurricane Mills, surrounded by those who loved her most.

Despite reeling from her grandmother’s death, Tayla Lynn has a happy family of her own. She has a husband and children she loves and gushes about on social media. She even took to social media to brag about her husband on his birthday.

A month after Lynn’s death was shared with the world, her granddaughter took to Instagram to share the talent of Lynn’s great-grandson. She mentioned that the young man was an excellent songwriter. The little boy said: “Please don’t make fun of me.” before he blew followers away.

Fans immediately flocked to the comment section to commend the young man on his songwriting and singing talents, saying he was just like his grandmother and would go far in his singing career.

Another fan, who commented on a video of the young man singing and playing the guitar, said the vibrato in his voice was kicking in. Another said:

“You’ll be a famous singer like Tim McGraw.”

Was Tayla Lynn Close to Her Granddaughter?
As was Lynn with all her children and grandchildren, Tayla and her grandmother were close. After Lynn died, Tayla went on social media to share her feelings about losing her grandmother after so many years.

The young woman mentioned that Lynn was excited to meet Jesus, and it brought the family comfort to think that she might be able to fulfill that dream after she passed away. She also said that Lynn’s fans were family.

Tayla said the family was grateful that Lynn was now in heaven surrounded by people she had loved and lost while alive. Lynn lost her parents, husband, and two children during her time on earth.

Fans met Tayla’s messages with love and admiration for the relationship she shared with her grandmother. She even updated her Facebook profile and cover photos to ones showing her and Lynn smiling.

“Family Means Everything to Me.”: Who Are Loretta Lynn’s Children?
Lynn and her husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, shared six children. Lynn gave birth to four children by the time she was 20 as she and Oliver began their family shortly after they got married when Lynn was only 15.

Lynn’s children are Clara Marie and Ernest Ray, twins Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen, and Lynn’s deceased children. Lynn lost her son, Jack Benny, in 1984 and her daughter, Betty Sue, in 2013. She was devastated by each death.

Although Lynn once said: “Family means everything to me,” she didn’t get to spend much time with her family when she was at the height of her career because she had to work at clubs doing more than one show a night.

Lynn revealed that she even worked right up until she gave birth to her twins but said she wouldn’t advise that to any mother. She also advised parents to soak up as much time with their children as possible because you can never gain back lost time.