Al Roker’s Family Hugs Him Tight as He Returns Home from Hospital on Thanksgiving

Al Roker left the hospital to have a Thanksgiving dinner with his family.
The “Today” weather anchor opened up about his health issues just a week ago.
Al Roker had a very emotional moment with his kids and wife when he returned home for Thanksgiving.

As the holiday season approaches, people worldwide return home from many different places to spend time with their loved ones. It is no different for Al Roker, although it was almost impossible.

Roker has been away from the “Today” show after suffering blood clotting issues. He has been in the hospital recovering and, just last Thursday, shared the first health update in a while.

The meteorologist shared that his leaving the hospital was his version of a Thanksgiving day parade, and he could not attend the Macy’s parade as he usually does yearly. Fans were excited to see him doing better.

He then shared a video saying he had so much to be thankful for because he was going home to spend Thanksgiving with his family instead of spending the day in the hospital, where he has been for a while.

Once home, Roker shared a photo of himself watching Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and said he made it home just in time to catch them and was missing being on the show with them.

What Happened to Al Roker?
Just one week ago, Roker took to Instagram to share that fans of the “Today” show had been asking where he was and if he was okay. He shared that he was in the hospital and said:

“I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg, which sent some clots into my lungs.”

He said he received excellent health care and has been fortunate to have as much attention as he has. Hoda Kotb met the post with a comment telling him she counted the days until he was back on the show.

Kotb was not the only one who commented on the post, though. Roker’s wife also shared her thoughts with her husband. She said she was grateful for the care he was receiving and the prayers being sent his way. She finished her comment by saying she couldn’t wait to have him home.

After commenting on Roker’s post, his wife, Deborah Roberts, made her own post. The photo was of her and Roker smiling at the camera as Roberts took a selfie. She called Roker the family’s “shining sun and star.”

Roberts also mentioned that she loved her husband very much and could not wait until he was home and feeling like himself again. Another photo in the post also showed Roker standing with his family.

How Did Roker’s Family Meet Him on His Return from Hospital?
Although Roker spent a week in the hospital, he was in high spirits as he returned home to spend the memorable holiday with his family. He was not alone in his excitement, as his family was overjoyed to see him return.

Roberts and Roker each shared the same photo of themselves surrounded by their children and talked about what it meant to them that Roker was able to return home in good health and celebrate with family.

Roker shared the same photo of his wife but also shared another photo of his three children sitting side by side at the dining table. As every family member embraces Roker, it is clear they’re glad to have him back.

The meteorologist kept his caption simple, saying that he felt grateful that he was home for the holidays. However, his wife’s post of the single photo was paired with a much longer caption in which she detailed her feelings.

Roberts said that gratitude didn’t cover her feelings, but she would start by saying she was grateful her husband was okay. She also said:

“Holding on tight and cherishing this moment like never before. Welcome home, my dear sweetheart, @alroker.”

She went on to thank the medical staff who helped her husband, the people who prayed for their family, and their loving friends and family who helped bring them through the difficult period.

Roberts also shared Instagram stories showing the reunion between Roker and his children. First, she posted a photo of herself and Roker in the car on the way home from the hospital, then two of him hugging his children.

In each photo, it is clear that the family is emotional and grateful to have Roker back home. We’re glad to know that Al Roker is on the mend and wish him better health in the future.