Gwen Stefani’s Ex Celebrated Thanksgiving with Their Sons Who Still Keep ‘Unbreakable’ Bond with Dad

Gwen Stefani was together with musician Gavin Rossdale for almost 20 years, and they had three sons.
After divorcing, Stefani and Gavin decided only to do what would be best for their sons.
Gavin is very grateful for his relationship with his sons.

For 2022’s Thanksgiving celebrations, Gavin Rossdale revealed he would host a group of family and friends. The Bush band musician shared how his sons, Kingston, Zuma Nesta Rock, and Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale, would be there.

The singer shared the three boys with his ex-wife, Gwen Stefani. Speaking to a publication ahead of the holiday, Gavin confessed that he had his sons for Thanksgiving that year, which was a trade-off.

Gavin Rossdale with his son, Zuma Rossdale, seen on April 4, 2013, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

The star explained that fourteen people would attend his lunch or dinner. Stefani’s ex-husband revealed that he would try to feed everyone who attended while they had a great time.

The then 57-year-old artist said his guests would share their gratitude while he noted how he was thankful for his sons and good health. Gavin further explained:

“We’re going to express who and what we are thankful for as everyone should. Because gratitude is everything.”

Even though the singer and Stefani haven’t been a couple for years, the pair still managed to co-parent well. Gavin went out of his way to maintain his bond with his sons despite not living with them.

How Does Gwen’s Ex Keep an Unbreakable Relationship with Sons despite Divorce?
Gavin spent every possible chance he had with his three sons. During an October 2022 interview, the lead guitarist said co-parenting was about spending as much time as possible with one’s children.

However, the band leader noted how unfortunate it was that the boys sometimes had to go to school or had to be somewhere else. Gavin lovingly said everything was better when his sons were there.

Stefani’s ex even took the trio along when his band left for a tour in the summer of 2022. They made the most of their time by visiting the Minnesota State Fair, and concerts were made into family outings.

The artist said his children were not at a “brilliant age.” When asked if his sons thought he was “cool,” Gavin speculated that they were more “impressed” by him than anything.

The star explained that all he wanted was for his children to be impressed by him or for them to give him their vote of confidence. He confessed that he’d hate it if his offspring thought he wasn’t that great.

Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo couldn’t go see all their father’s shows because their schools and other things were closer to their Los Angeles home. However, that didn’t stop Gavin from bonding with them, as he “speaks to his sons two or three times a day” when in separate cities, with him adding:

“I have such a cool relationship with my kids.”

Stefani’s ex admitted that he kept waiting for his children to sideline him, but their relationship continued to be strong, which was a beautiful thing. The artist also noted how his relationship with his sons wasn’t the only bond that remained “unbreakable.”

The pair [Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani] were committed to raising their sons together in a healthy and happy environment.

Gavin Rossdale and his son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale at Regents Park on July 22, 2014, in London, England | Source: Getty Images

Gavin and Stefani had a decades-long marriage before they called it quits but the end of their union didn’t mean their children had to suffer. The former couple ensured to put their sons first.

Why Did Gwen and Gavin Divorce after Almost 20 Years Together?
According to reports, Stefanis and Gavin’s divorce announcement came while there were rumors that he’d cheated on his wife while they were married. The singer allegedly had an affair with his and his wife’s longtime nanny.

After being married for nearly 13 years, the duo revealed they were divorcing in 2015. Stefani was the one who filed a petition, and Gavin responded to it at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The former couple cited irreconcilable differences for their separation and asked for joint custody of their sons. In a joint statement, the two singers said they’d reached a mutual decision to separate as marriage partners but would continue as parenthood partners.

The pair were committed to raising their sons together in a healthy and happy environment. Gavin and Stefani dated for six years before finally tying the knot in 2002; after almost twenty years together and six years since their divorce, they were thriving as co-parents.