Paramedic Mom Arrives at Scene of Car Crash Unaware Her Only Child Is the Victim

A paramedic mother’s worst nightmare became a reality when her child was involved in a devastating accident. She was shattered and left wondering what would have become of her precious girl.

Canadian EMT worker Jayme Erickson was called to the scene of a horrific car crash and had no idea that the ordeal would change her life forever.

The mother of one treated the victims, doing her best to save their lives. One of them was so severely injured she was utterly unrecognizable—it was something that would shock Jayme a short while later.

Jayme Erickson. | Source: News: The National

Jayme took pride in her job as a first responder, and she had saved countless lives over the years. Despite dealing with trauma and loss daily, the mom wasn’t prepared for what came her way.

The incident occurred close to Airdrie, north of Calgary, and Jayme assisted two passengers. The teenage driver was stuck in the vehicle until firefighters extricated her and flew her to Foothills Medical Centre. The passenger was critically injured, and Jaymie tended to the patient until the ambulance took over.

Jayme went to the medical center where her daughter was being kept, and that’s when doctors delivered heart-shattering news.

Jayme returned home like she had so many times before, never expecting someone to ring her doorbell and shatter her world. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was at her home on November 15, 2022, and they had shocking news to share.

Authorities informed the mother that her 17-year-old daughter had been in a devastating accident. “My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true,” Jayme shared, before adding:

“The critically injured patient I had just attended to, was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me. My daughter, Montana. Her injuries were so horrific I did not even recognize her.”

Jayme went to the medical center where her daughter was rushed, and that’s when doctors delivered heart-shattering news. Montana wasn’t going to survive. “The pain I am feeling is like no pain I have ever felt. It is indescribable,” she lamented.

On November 19, the shattered mother said one last goodbye to her daughter. She was angry and overwhelmed with grief and couldn’t make sense of the tragedy. She had 17 short years with her precious child and had many unanswered questions. She said:

“I am shattered and left wondering. What would you have become my baby girl? Who would you have been? I will never see you graduate and walk across the stage, I will never see you get married. I will never know who you would have been.”

Jayme Erickson alongside fellow EMT workers and news representatives. | Source: News: The National

According to Jayme, her daughter’s final gift was lifesaving. She revealed her daughter was an organ donor, so her death would not be in vain. An emotional Jayme expressed:

“Nobody wants to go through anything like this. I just want my baby girl’s memory to live on.”

The mother was missing a piece of herself and struggled to think about life without Montana. Following the ordeal, she had a message for her friends, family, and strangers—encouraging them to love without limits. She urged people to make memories and hold their loved ones as close as possible.

Jayme’s words struck a chord with thousands of users, and many offered condolences. Netizens felt the mother’s anguish and sent her well wishes and prayers. Online community members even admitted that Jayme’s story was the saddest thing they had ever read:

“Oh my goodness, what an unimaginable horror. That poor mama. This is quite possibly the saddest story I’ve ever read. May she find some peace and comfort in this time of incomprehensible grief. Rip Montana.”

– (Vanessa Rose Valero Nother) November 24, 2022

“My goodness. The daily breaths we breathe that we take for granted. This is so heart-wrenching. Makes me so sad for this mama. Who was so selfless and was doing her job. Not only as a paramedic but as a mother.”

I got so choked up reading this. Unimaginable pain and grief! My heart breaks for this mother. Be comforted knowing that in this tragic moment your precious daughter had you, her mama, holding her and hearing your voice and she knew how much you loved her.”

– (Jeanne Moran) November 24, 2022

“This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. Prayers of comfort to that mama and the rest of her family.”

– (Stephanie O’Donnell) November 24, 2022