Paul McCartney, 80, Confesses Love for Wife of 11 Years by Sharing Rare Joint Photo

Paul McCartney found love again in his old age with a woman who beat cancer, a disease that took his first wife of 30 years.
The singer’s new wife, Nancy Shevell, is a simple and ordinary woman, and they enjoy a private life.
Paul shares a rare photo with Shevell on Thanksgiving.

On November 24, 2022, Paul McCartney, 80 in 2022, celebrated Thanksgiving by sharing a rare photo of him and his wife, Nancy Shevell. The couple was generally private about their lives and hardly shared images of themselves on social media.

However, for the memorable holiday, the singer uploaded an Instagram photo showing him and Shevell posing outside. The duo had sunglasses on as they stood together to take the picture.

In the post’s caption, McCartney said he was “giving thanks for love” before wishing his fans a Happy Thanksgiving. The star’s fans filled the comment section with lovely responses, with one person wishing the couple a “very Happy Thanksgiving” and “many more.”

Someone else thought the photo of the couple was a “lovely” one of them enjoying a “healthy” walk before noting how they were happy to have McCartney around. A third person noticed how happy the pair looked in the image, adding:

“Your joy transfers all the way across social media.”

Another fan shared how they “love[d] seeing love” and thought McCartney and his wife were “magic.” Shevell was the iconic musician’s third wife who wasn’t a celebrity or in the music industry.

Who Is Paul’s “Ordinary” Wife?
McCartney’s wife was an executive at her family’s trucking company in New Jersey. Shevell started winning the singer over in the summer of 2007 when they began seeing each other in the Hamptons, where they both had homes.

Although the musician was 17 years older than Shevell, their friends said they matched perfectly and had the “right chemistry.” One source close to the duo said they had some things in common, like being optimistic, chilled, and cool.

The insider also shared the couple was laid-back and positive. Ironically, Shevell looked much like McCartney’s first wife and the love of his life, Linda Eastman.

Like Eastman, Shevell was also into the outdoors, having come from the east coast. The singer’s third wife went to college in Arizona, and in the mid-90s, she fought breast cancer and won.

Eastman also battled cancer, but she lost her life to it in 1998. In 2009, a different source who saw McCartney with Shevell said it was a pity he hadn’t met her sooner and the president and executive director of Hewlett House, Geri Barish, described her as such:

“She’s a very kind, courageous person.”

Barish also noted that McCartney’s third wife was “an everyday, ordinary gal.” The singer was described as someone who had always been a family man, while his wife felt lucky to have him in her life.

Speaking about the Old Town Hall, [Alison] Cathcart shared how iconic the building was because [Paul] McCartney chose to marry [Linda] Eastman there…
Speaking about their relationship during its early stages, a very private McCartney would only confess, “I just like being in love.” By May 2011, Shevell and The Beatles musician were engaged.

Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney at the Marylebone Registry Office for their civil ceremony marriage on October 9, 2011, in London, England | Source: Getty Images

Someone once revealed that the legendary musician was excited and serious about finding the right woman to marry because he wished for a bond that was “truly exceptional.” After announcing their engagement in May 2011, the couple shared where they would get married.

In September 2011, Shevell and McCartney posted their notice that they planned to marry at London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall. That same month and ahead of their marriage, Superintendent Registrar Alison Cathcart spoke about the couple.

Cathcart, Westminster City Council’s Superintendent Registrar for nearly 20 years in 2011, shared how the engaged couple was lovely, relaxed, charming, and obviously in love! The Superintendent Registrar expected to conduct the pair’s marriage ceremony.

She revealed how “excited” the duo was to tie the knot with the singer finding the best ring. Speaking about the Old Town Hall, Cathcart shared how iconic the building was because McCartney chose to marry Eastman there in 1969, and doing it again was incredible.

In 2022, the two lovebirds celebrated 11 years of marriage, and they were going strong! The singer was with his first wife for 30 years before she passed away at age 56, and McCartney’s current relationship has a long way to go to surpass that.