Ray Liotta’s Fiancée Gives Emotional Thanksgiving Tribute Nearly 6 Months after His Death

“Today and every day, I am so thankful for the memories he gave me,” Ray Liotta’s fiancée pays him a touching tribute.
Ray Liotta’s daughter called him ‘the best dad’ after she lost him.
Ray Liotta made a marriage proposal to his beloved, but they couldn’t get married.

It has been six months since Ray Liotta’s death, but his loved ones are still very much grieving their beloved. His daughter and fiancée have both been vocal about how it felt to lose him during an exciting time in their lives.

Now, his fiancée has made a touching tribute to him. Jacy Nittolo, whom Liotta proposed to shortly before his death, posted a tribute to her late-fiancé on Thanksgiving as she talked about life without him.

Liotta was best known for his role in “Goodfellas” and passed away at 76. It was reported that he passed away peacefully in his sleep with his fiancèe by his side. He passed away on May 26, 2022.

His daughter only spoke out about her feelings surrounding her father’s death in June, saying: “You are the best dad anyone can ask for.” She also thanked her father for everything he had done for her while he was living.

Now, his fiancée has taken to social media to let fans know how she has been doing in the six months since she lost her beloved. She confessed that she had found it hard to breathe without him by her side.

She then said that she is thankful to everyone who has been there for her since Liotta’s death and shared:

“Today and every day, I am so thankful for the memories you gave me.”

Ray Liotta Proposed: How Was It?
Liotta and Nittolo’s romance started as the coronavirus pandemic began. The lockdown period gave them time to get to know one another. Nittolo once said that being in lockdown together only brought them closer.

She said she had heard of many people whose relationships failed but was grateful that hers had ended well. By December 2020, Liotta had decided that he was ready to commit to Nittolo forever.

Liotta took to Instagram to announce his engagement to Nittolo. In his post, he shared a photo of himself and his fiancée standing in front of a Christmas tree, smiling as Nittolo showed off her engagement ring.

Nittolo shared the same photo and simply captioned it with emojis. Messages of congratulations began pouring in soon after the couple posted their respective images. Many were from the couple’s friends and family.

The couple was both divorced when they met. Still, they gave each other another chance at love and built a beautiful relationship before Liotta’s death earlier this year, leaving Nittolo heartbroken.

How Is Ray Liotta’s Daughter’s Relationship with His Fiancée?
While Nittolo is still grieving her fiancé, she is not alone. Liotta’s daughter, Karsen, mourns her father with Nittolo. Karsen has often talked about missing her father and his contributions to her life.

Karsen Liotta and Jacy Nittolo attend the Los Angeles premiere of Apple TV+ new show “Black Bird” at Regency Bruin Theatre on June 29, 2022 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Nittolo and Karsen now spend time together and have a good relationship despite the man who brought them together no longer being alive. They even attend events together in his honor after his passing.
Liotta’s final role before his death was in a drama miniseries called “Black Bird,” in which he played Big Jim Keene. Unfortunately, he passed away before the series premiered, and he could attend any premiere ceremonies.

Instead, Karsen and Nittolo attended the premiere together in his honor. They walked the red carpet in Los Angeles for the Apple TV+ series. Each woman wore black as they honored Liotta and hugged on the red carpet.

Karsen and Nittolo have spent time together since Liotta’s death and remember him fondly. They have both shared their heartbreak at losing Liotta, but Nittolo mentioned that her children and Karsen have helped her to move through her grief and kept her strong.

Talking about her relationship with Karsen, Nittola said: “I’m thankful for Karsen, who laughs and cries with me daily. We are connected for life.” She also said she felt “blessed” to have Liotta’s daughter in her life.