Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Comes Home And Find Their House Completely Renovated

Audrey asked Tisha for another favor when Tisha visited Audrey in the hospital. This time, it wasn’t as modest as the first one. She asked, “I want to ask you if you can take care of my children when I go?” To this, Tisha said, “I just cried and said, YES! Seeing what they were going through, hearing about their past, these kids needed us, and we wanted to help them.”

After that, the most difficult day arrived. Tisha took Audrey’s three children to the hospital, telling them it was time to say goodbye. “They ended up spending hours at the hospital, and we stayed until the kids tired out, and seeing as there was no place to sleep, we decided to hug and kiss and say goodnight to Audrey,” the foster mother said.

On their way home after seeing her, Tisha got the phone call she never expected to get so soon. The health-care worker on the other end of the line informed Tisha that Audrey died a few minutes after they had left the hospital. Tisha said that this devastated her, and it was one of the most traumatic periods in her life.

The news reached the neighborhood. Elizabeth Thames heard about it and felt sorry for the family. She understood that there were now ten people living in the Beauchmin’s home. Elizabeth nominated the family for a program that aids individuals who go out of their way to assist others. And, sure enough, they were chosen!

When the crew came to the house, they presented the family with a vacation. Workers worked overtime to renovate and improve their space while the family was away. They constructed walls, replaced furniture, carpets, and other essential elements.

Source: John15 Rocks/YouTube

The family arrived, sobbing and giggling with delight. They were expressing their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts to everyone. But the blessings kept on coming. As well, each member of the family was given a year’s worth of food and a new vehicle that would accommodate all of them.

The couple was grateful for the presents, claiming that they only did what they did because they didn’t want the youngsters to experience any more pain.

Source: John15 Rocks/YouTube

God is generous to those who are giving. Even if we don’t receive immediate payback or appreciation for our selfless efforts, God does not overlook them. Keep on doing good things and you will receive your complete reward in the end.