19-Year-Old Sister Takes Special Needs Twin Brother with No Date to His Prom

Twins from Haverhill, Massachusetts, shared an unbreakable bond and proved nothing could stop them from having fun. The brother and sister went to prom together and danced the night away.

Carlos Colon and his sister Brianna didn’t have an easy start in life. They were born prematurely, and both suffered health complications, fighting to stay alive. Despite the odds stacked against them, they persevered.

Carlos was blind and autistic and spent the first five months of his life in the hospital. Nineteen years later, a beautiful clip from June 2021 displayed the teen’s courage and will to survive and thrive.

A Sister’s Heartwarming Plan
Mom Jomay Colon is proud of her twins, and rightfully so. Carlos and Brianna are close-knit siblings and never let any health setbacks keep them from achieving great things and having fun.

Brianna was a freshman at Bryant College who sadly didn’t get to have a prom in 2020, due to the pandemic. When she learned her brother didn’t have a date to his senior prom the following year, what she did next was heartwarming. She asked her brother if she could take him to the prom as his date.

Carlos enjoyed himself as did his doting sister. She was happy to be at the dance with her sibling, who meant the world to her. They undoubtedly showed the other teens on the dance floor how things were done!

Proud of How Far They Have Come
Carlos was thrilled by the suggestion to go to prom with his sister. Brianna proved that she would always have her brother’s back, and her unconditional love for him was inspiring.

The twins’ mom was equally delighted and cherished the special moment, especially because she knew how challenging their journey had been. She shared:

“They were born at 24 weeks, only a pound and a half. Of course, they were very sick when they were born, so basically ounces.”

The opportunity to see her kids attend prom together was something Jomay would never forget. Brianna and Carlos were captured having fun on the dance floor, and the brother laughed with glee as he moved to the music.

Brianna and Carlos Colon. | Source: twitter.com/@ChrisFlanaganTV

Their Inspiring Sibling Bond
Carlos enjoyed himself, as did his doting sister. She was happy to be at the dance with her sibling, who meant the world to her. They undoubtedly showed the other teens on the dance floor how things were done! Brianna expressed:

“Just because he’s blind and autistic doesn’t mean he can’t have fun.

Brianna refused to let her brother miss his prom, and she was over the moon after their once-in-a-lifetime experience. The duo danced a lot, and Brianna said she was ecstatic about how things unfolded.

The sister felt honored to have been her brother’s partner for the night and wouldn’t have had things any other way. Sibling bonds are one of a kind, and these two are lucky to have each other.

Brianna and Carlos Colon. | Source: twitter.com/@ChrisFlanaganTV

The Online Response
Netizens were touched by the sister’s kindness and support for her twin brother. Many people applauded her actions, and others commented on the beauty of their sibling connection:

“It’s so wonderful you both could celebrate his and your belated Prom together. You are one great sister. God bless you both.”

– (Carol Rasmusson) September 25, 2021

What a caring and wonderful twin sister you are to Carlos, making sure he had the time of his life at his prom which he deserved to attend. I’m sure your bond will stay forever and that you’ll always take care of his needs.”

– (Jo Larking) September 25, 2021

“Wishing you both a wonderful day and many more wonderful times together as brother and sister.”

– (Marlene Janiuk) September 26, 2021

“What a wonderful thing to do. Now both of you have great memories to share.”

– (Meemaw Barrows) September 25, 2021

“Such a bond between brother and sister that can never be broken.”

– (Kathy Kriesher) September 25, 2021

Carlos will remain enrolled in the Life Skills Program at Haverhill High School until he turns 22. He has his sights set on attending the Perkins School For The Blind.

Anything is possible with his positive attitude, infectious joy, and determination! We wish him and his selfless sister well in all their future endeavors. We hope their bond only continues to get stronger over time.