Little Girl With Deaf Parents Signs For Them During Christmas Concert..

Watch this adorable little girl sign for her deaf parents during her Christmas concert. It will warm your heart!

Amid the sea of classmates gesturing to the song, this little girl seems to be doing something a little different. While all other parents could hear the beautiful words of the Christmas carol, these parents enjoyed it a little differently.

As a child of deaf parents, she probably grew up learning sign language to communicate with them. And whether her parents asked her to sign or not, she definitely made them proud!

Just look at how clear her signature is and the adorable facial expressions that come with it. She is very cute and very talented! The internet seemed to agree. The video now has over 10 million views – a star in the making!

She has incredible confidence to go out there with her peers and sign while they are doing something completely different. She made her performance for her parents so they could enjoy it like everyone else.

Seeing moments like this as a parent is pretty special, but I bet this was even more special for her family. Bless her enthusiastic little heart! Keep making the world a more inclusive place for your parents – we can all learn a lesson from you!